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About Us

Memory Care Respite of Florence...

...a nonprofit 501c3...was created to provide respite for caregivers as well as socialization time for seniors who are getting a bit too forgetful to be left on their own. You know that spouse who loves grilled cheese sandwiches but forgets to turn the stove off?  Or maybe that grandparent who you tell your kids to watch because s/he likes to take long walks and can't find the way home? Or maybe that neighbor who is becoming more and more isolated and has no relatives that live in town? We also accept participants who suffer from memory loss caused by a variety of factors such as Parkinson's disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, over medication, mild dementia, early stage Alzheimer's or a history of drug/alcohol abuse.  

t participants who suffer memory loss from multiple causes


We take a multifaceted approach to memory care providing respite time for families/caregivers who need a break as well as helping seniors stay sharp, active and vital as they face mild cognitive impairment.  When participants have enrolled with us at the early onset of memory decline, we have seen a marked improvement in their faculties as Coffee Club supports all four aspects of cognitive function.  We partner with Siuslaw High School to provide a real world socializing experience for our participants as they interact with student interns.  In addition, we keep families/caregivers apprised of trainings/resources offered nearby.

Stop by yourself and visit us during Coffee Club hours to see if our program is a good fit for your loved one.  Please keep in mind that all new participants cannot be left on their own until our staff reviews their registration form and prepares to meet their individual needs. We are located adjacent to Florence Senior Center and have our own entrance to the right of the double doors.  1570 Kingwood, Florence, OR 97439

Upcoming Events:
City Lights Cinema

Join us on our bi-monthly field trip to City Lights Cinema for Coffee Club in the Community held on fourth Fridays from 2:00-4:00pm. While your loved one enjoys hanging out at the theatre, caregivers can come to our Memory Care Center for a guided relaxation session with our own yoga teacher.

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